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IT MECHANIC offers technology solutions that support the way businesses engage, transact and interact. We transform old ways of doing things by making technology accessible and available, easy to use, thus simplifying life. By being focused on business outcomes, IT MECHANIC keeps foresight of your competitiveness. Our company present’s strategy, optimization and integration services to help identify where you can make improvements in terms of network integration, servers and storage. Our team assesses your needs and current IT infrastructure, recommends improvements and optimizations and also helps you implement those recommendations in your fundamental IT services.


IT MECHANIC delivers both standard and customized/bespoke training courses for a wide range of technology vendors. We deliver skills to locals from any part of the world via innovative methodologies that comprise of lectures and dedicated access to equipment.


IT MECHANIC equips service providers with the ability to offer both legacy and next-generation access services across a common IP/MPLS edge and core infrastructure. Our solution protects legacy investments and reduces costs by simplifying the network and consolidating multiple networks into one. Elements of Interactive IT network solutions also feature environmental hardening which enable deployment even in harsh conditions.


Data archiving is essential for organizations that accumulate new information but still need to retain old information. Interactive can help you identify and move inactive data out of current production system into specialized long-term archival storage system. Once in the archive system, information remains online and accessible. This practice enables you to minimize tape backups and archives, reduces the cost of primary storage and ensures compliance with regulatory and litigation requirements.


Disaster Recovery solutions are an absolute must for any business that relies on IT to maximize productivity. Essentially, a disaster recovery strategy enables you to resume operations quickly and efficiently in case of an outage or failure at you primary storage site. IT MECHANIC helps you by strategically placing duplication or identical server, storage, and network device at a secondary location—the Disaster Recovery (DR) site. In an event of a failure or outage at the primary site, applications are restarted at the DR site using the most current information available.


Wireless network access is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity in today’s business environment. Whether you’re delivering enterprise computing to campus and remote locations, or a healthcare provider delivering time and life critical services, wireless access is critical to your network. We are partners with multiple well known Wi-Fi vendors in the industry to integrate a wireless network solution to meet your requirements.


Your ability to enable effective, real-time communication and collaboration between employees, customers and business partners can be the key to gaining competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive marketplace. In today’s dynamic business environment, your organization’s agility, productivity and operational efficiency depends on a unified approach to communications and collaboration. Interactive can help your business to integrate traditional communication tools such as telephony and e-mail with collaboration technologies like video conferencing that enable effective, real-time communication and collaboration between employees, customers and business partners.


Traditional approaches to network security were designed for a single purpose: to protect resources inside the network from threats and malware coming from outside the network. Today’s businesses must consider smart phones, tablets, and consumerization of IT combined with telecommuters, contractors, partners, and business-critical services hosted in the cloud. Security is more important than ever—and far more complex. IT MECHANIC offers services to formulate an effective security strategy for your organization including governance, metrics, process and technology deployment, and legal and regulatory compliance.

Our solutions are applicable across a wide industrial spectrum including enterprises, telecommunication service providers, wireless and wired internet service providers, government, hospitals, banks and financial institutions.


Our ESM services aim for seamless integration and end-to-end management of enterprise IT services. We combine efficient and reliable technology with set of organizational capabilities, certified human resources and standardized processes. We offer services to help enterprises add value to their customers and end users.


Data Leakage Prevention is indispensable for organizations that are exceedingly moving towards decentralized environments. Hence the probability of data loss has drastically increased due to large array of services, new communication channels and increased employees’ mobility.


Endpoint devices are the major source of security breaches. Almost all the enterprise level organizations require sophisticated security layer to protect their endpoint assets from malicious destruction. Interactive provides endpoint protection solution that is malware intelligent. It guards your systems from all kinds of external and internal threats.


Hidden security gaps can leave your organization exposed to data breaches or regulatory noncompliance that could jeopardize both your reputation and market share. Interactive can help you obtain the information you need to reduce security risks. We offer recommendations for mitigating risks and help you develop IT processes that support your business goals.


Our leading endpoint encryption solution provides advanced data and file encryption for desktops, laptops, and removable storage devices. Our endpoint encryption solution offers scalable, enterprise-wide security that prevents unauthorized access by using strong access control and powerful encryption features. Our solution provides a central management console, enabling safe, central deployment and management of encryption to endpoints. Our solution is easy-to-use, consumes less effort and provides greater support to prevent data theft and accidental data loss.


IT MECHANIC  maintains a Security Operation Centre (SOC), a location where the enterprise information systems of our clients are monitored, assessed and protected. SOC identifies information security threats and incidents and ensures that proper actions are taken to minimize or remove any threat and/or incident.
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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