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Today’s world requires comprehensive surveillance to protect airports, railways, bridges, Law firms, financial organisation, and ports from sabotage, terrorism, theft or vandalism. But video surveillance alone has neither improved site security nor sufficiently reduced its safety risks—even with an increased number of cameras. Slow-access mediums such as magnetic tapes and optical disks take storage space, eventually wear out and are not easily shared between security centres. Reviewing an event can take hours or even weeks to find evidence. However, digital technology and video analytics provide the opportunity to get more value out of the video content that is captured and stored.


The Mobile Surveillance is a mobile intelligent surveillance platform designed to be easily repositioned or redeployed to meet changing security and operational needs. Each surveillance configuration is a secured, self-contained mobile unit that includes all components needed to create a virtual security zone. You can easily reposition the camera system from one location to the next in minutes without the need of advanced technical staffing. Our security solution is completely wireless, mobile and best of all, affordable.


In addition to expertise in mobile surveillance solution, IT MECHANIC is also experienced in designing and deploying the traditional fixed surveillance solution to secure your assets and people. Our intelligent solution provides a customizable platform according to specific needs of the client. IT MECHANIC provides end to end solution from design to deployment with control rooms and audio visual systems. These systems are designed to ensure total coverage of your premises and to protect your premises from any intrusion. Whether you need a surveillance solution or need to add cameras for the safety of people and facilities, IT MECHANIC can meet your needs.


Today’s intelligent solutions not only control physical entry to buildings, but are also able to detect and analyse physical characteristics including fingerprints, DNA, and facial patterns. IT MECHANIC offers a variety of solutions with RFID, Biometrics, facial recognition features and Automated Finger Identification Solution (AFIS).


A biometric system determines or validates an individual’s identity based on his/her physiological and/or behavioural traits. Physiological traits are related to the physical aspects of a human such as fingerprint, iris, face and DNA, which are generally stable over a relatively long period of time. On the other hand, behavioural traits depict the behaviour of a person which tend to change with time. The behavioural traits include signature, keystrokes, hand writing, and gait.
Biometrics are superior to traditional password or token based methods in both security and convenience. An overview of biometric traits is given below:
Depending on the application context, a biometric system can operate in either an identification mode or a verification mode. Identification is a one-to-many comparison to find an individual’s identity. Verification is a one-to-one match that determines whether the claimed identity is true or false.


IT MECHANIC provides a number of asset tracking solutions based on RFID technology, including monitoring of warehouse stock, vehicle fleets, personnel and document catalogues in office environments.
Personnel Monitoring in Vehicles (PMV)

In places where it is important to track all the vehicles passing through secured entrances, it is important to monitor the personnel boarding the vehicle as well. This problem is addressed by our RFID based PMV solution.

PMV or Personnel Monitoring in Vehicles consists of handheld RFID reader in different RF frequency bands including High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF). Security personnel scan the RFID tags of all people in a vehicle. If all passengers are deemed legitimate users/visitors, the security personnel gets acknowledgement from the central server. If an un-identified visitor tries to pass through the barrier, the systems alerts the security personnel through audio beep and visual notification.


STRIDE is our RFID integrated solution for school systems. It ensures the children’s safety in school buses and also keeps track of the children in school. Each student is tagged with an RFID tag that can be embedded on his/her school uniform or can also be provided in form of school cards.

When an RFID tagged student enters in the school bus from home, the system registers that he/she is on way to school and informs parents via notification on their cell phones. Children’s location can also be monitored in the web portal.

On reaching the school, when a student enters the main gate of school, his/her attendance will be marked as present. Multiple antennas with high-speed reading capabilities ensure that every student can be checked even during the rush hours. The system also ensures the presence of students in the class rooms as RFID readers are also placed on entry points of class rooms and in corridors as well. By having this feature, the school teachers can also view the student’s absence/presence in particular class by visiting the Web portal.


IT MECHANIC ValiDOC is a real-time document validation solution. The solution confirms authenticity of a document at the time of document usage. The solution prevents malicious attempts to use revoked or expired documents, e.g. Power of Attorneys (POA), to attain access to banking, utility, and car and land transfer services.

ValiDOC works by using RFID technology to validate the authenticity of POA document in real time. The system works with an attached RFID tag on all POA documents at the time of issuance. The validation record of all documents is stored on a centralized server. Table top ValiDoc Scanner can be placed in different offices that deal with POA documents.

To verify the status, POA document is scanned through the ValiDOC document scanner. The scanner communicates with the centralized server using 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and generates the status of the document as Valid, Invalid or Unknown instantaneously.


Surveillance Data Analytics solution from IT MECHANIC  provides the ability to view, monitor and digitally record activity throughout your environment with real-time access to your critical security information. It incorporates IT and physical security to make it easier for customers to use video surveillance for pedestrian flow monitoring and analysis, pedestrian safety, cargo inspection and other logistics.

It provides a number of advantages over traditional video solutions including:

Real-time Alerts: Real-time alerts help anticipate incidents by identifying suspicious behaviors.

Situational Awareness: It provides situational awareness of a place, personnel identity through facial recognition and activity of objects in a monitored space.

Enhanced Forensic Capabilities: Enhanced forensic capabilities allow unique indexing and attribute-based search of video events to classify objects into categories such as people and vehicles.


Surveillance application requirements are growing exponentially. The number of cameras, frames per second and regulatory requirements for longer retention periods are creating enormous performance and capacity demands on surveillance solutions. In addition to traditional security, now organizations are also using footage to perform analysis on demographics, behaviour and preferences.

In this age of unpredictable and exponential data growth, selecting the right storage platform is critical to your success. Beyond a commodity peripheral, IT MECHANIC storage platforms for surveillance data retention and transit are the key to providing the scalable bandwidth and reliable infrastructure needed to capture and store huge quantity of HD camera streams and the scalable capacity; managing petabyte level environments with the optimal systems, floor space and power.

Whether you are centralizing a corporate solution or deploying a distributed environment to secure a municipality or transit system, IT MECHANIC surveillance data retention and transit solutions ensure that you never drop a frame so that real-time video surveillance or archived footage is always reliable and available.

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